Friday, July 7, 2017

Peace I Leave with You

I have a love, hate relationship with the internet.  I love the massive amounts of knowledge tucked into the zillions of websites available to me, I hate how it sucks me in to look at pallet ideas for hours on end on Pinterest.  Today, I'm loving it for the Biblical wisdom that is available to me.  I'm struggling with finding peace in my life.  So far, it's been a hectic summer with three teenage girls, me starting a new business and family life in general.  Peace right now is hard to come by when you put lots of unneeded stress and pressure on yourself.  

Peace or lack thereof was what propelled me out of bed a 0 dark thirty this morning.  I needed to let God breathe peace into my day.  Thank you, Jesus, thank you world wide web!!  Sitting with a steaming cup of decaf and my laptop, a few clicks later there it was, "30 Best Bible Verses About Peace."  Thank you, Bible Study Tools!  Word after word, verse after verse breathed life into my soul.  The frazzled feeling dissipated as Scripture filled me.   I am ready to tackle my day renewed, replenished, filled with peace.

Breathe peace into your day too:

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