Saturday, April 15, 2017

Ever Evolving

Nature is ever changing, ever evolving, so is life.  My farming views have been changing as well.  Reading books about our food systems, farming, permaculture fill me with excitement.  There is nothing more enjoyable than cuddling a baby goat, burying my face into the fluff of a good LGD and seeing how excited the hens get when there is fresh bedding in their coop.  Heck, I even enjoy mucking pens and carrying hay bales.  

There is a new passion for farming bubbling deep within me.  I've been told my eggs are delicious.  This encouragement gives me drive to improve and increase my flock.  In the past few weeks, I've had families up to the Ranch to learn about the goats and chickens.  There was nothing more amazing than watching the joy on kid's faces as they got to snuggle a baby goat for the first time in a peaceful mountain setting.  All of this fuels the fire within.  I've contemplated giving everything up and becoming "normal" again.  But I can't, the fresh air, cool soil, fluffy critters are in my blood.  I see bountiful veggie gardens, plentiful eggs, and lots of milk. 

Time to get serious about my ranch, do my research, come up with a business plan, and turn my little dream into a money making enterprise.

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