Saturday, April 22, 2017


I love being outside enjoying the fresh air, puttering around my farm, wondering how I can actually make a living doing this.  I read books, search websites, listen to webinars.  I dream, I plan, I sell eggs which is enough income to feed the critters.  I wonder why my "business" is not successful.  I become horribly jealous of other local farmers who are actually making money from their farms.  Then it hit me yesterday while watching my, oh so fabulous LGD running down my driveway, having an I'm a farming failure pity party, that I am not successful because I'm not treating the farm as a business.  I'm not successful because I'm treating the farm like an expensive hobby.  I'm giving it 10% of my time and effort.  If it were truly my job I would treat at as such, give more energy to writing a business plan, more time to making farm improvements.  Instead, my days are spent doing what I think I should be doing to be a successful stay at home mom.  My farm is my job!  Mucking pens, improving fences, working on my goat breeding program, building pasture, adding more poultry, that should be my focus.  Duh!!!

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