Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Strange But Ewwwww

I love having livestock guardian dogs (LGD) out with the goats and chickens.  I haven't lost a goat or a wayward chicken since I added my first LGD 2 years ago.  At the moment I have three wonderful dogs looking after the livestock, of the three, Denali is the only pup allowed to roam freely.  With a large number of dogs in the house, poo clean up is a constant battle.  The dog run and Sunny's spot are easy to clean, but since Denali has lots of room to roam I have to search hers out.  I know gross!!  Here's the interesting fact, Denali poops along the fence line.  I know, strange, but true!!  She's marking this territory as hers. In the land of fox, coyote, bear, and mountain lions Denali is not so politely letting them know not to mess with her charges.  It seems to be working!

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