Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring cleaning...and I don't mean my house.

The buck pen, AKA "San Quentin."
After warm weather, then snow and more snow, we are FINALLY enjoying a warm up.  As the snow quickly melts, I'm left with a winter's worth of muck.  All of my pens are a disgusting lasagna of ice and manure.  Yuck!  Now the springtime fun really begins.  I'm assessing winter's aftermath and it ain't pretty.  There's lots of fencing repair work to do, but the biggest obstacle is mucking pens.  I cleared a heavy bag of dog poo from Sunny's favorite spot.  I tried kicking through the hay layer in the buck pen and have yet to hit dirt.  Ewwwwww!  The doe pen has ice patches so covered in manure and hay I'm not sure it'll ever melt.  Don't get me started on the chicken run.  Wait, what am I doing sitting inside, there's work to do.  Be back later!

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