Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bringing up Denali: Part I Learning Curve

Working girl!

Denali joined the Ranch a little over a week ago.  In this short period of time, I am seeing amazing potential in her.  She may be young, but she is already displaying behaviors sought after in a livestock guardian dog(LGD). 

I am realizing that I have trained Pearl and Sunny completely wrong.  They were both born on farms, raised with livestock from puppyhood, but they got too much human attention early on.  Sunny was even in the house for a while, HUGE mistake!!

Denali is in the pen with my does and their kids.  I tried to separate them, but they kept sneaking into each other's sides of the pen.  Now my doeling Rosie sleeps with Denali.  Most of the time Denali is displaying proper LGD behavior, she sniffs and licks the does.  The does correct Denali when she gets a little rough.  

Denali's training is taking a very hands-off approach.  Even my family has barely had contact with her.  I only interact with her when I feed and milk the rest of the critters.  I correct her when she's getting a little rough with the goats.  The way the pens are set up around the house, I can see most of my pasture through the windows.  Other than that, I ignore her.  Denali needs to bond with the goats, once that happens I can start obedience training and get her comfortable with the family.  So far, so good, but we do have a long road ahead!  

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