Sunday, March 13, 2016

Winds of Change

I'm feeling incredibly blessed.  I've been doing a heck of a lot of praying lately.  Pearl's passing left my little farm world a bit topsy turvy.  The last six months or so have truly been a time of upheaval.  Now as the warmer days of spring taunt me, I'm beginning to re-envision the Ranch.  I've raised chickens for 8 years now and goats for 3.  It's high time I take stock and create a clear set of goals for this crazy dream that needs to become a profitable reality.  I've been busy "playing" farm.  Currently, my coffee table is piled with various books on goats and farming.  I'm researching business plans and niches in my area.  Reading, learning, soaking in every little bit of information I can find.  I've got plans, BIG plans, but also smart plans.  Any decision I make must benefit the Ranch and not put a financial strain on my family.   God has been a wealth of knowledge and inspiration during this time as I quietly wait and listen for him.  He knows what's best, and he's filling me in on the details.  I'm finally listening, I see a bright, bright future ahead.  Exciting updates to come!!

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