Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tough Love

Pearl resting in the dining room.
It's been six weeks since Pearl left us.  A day doesn't go by without me thinking of what an amazing girl she had been.  I was left with a beautiful gift in her daughter, Jojo.  That fluffy little girl is a joy, just like her momma.

Downtown Lander, WY
Last Thursday, hubby and I had a weather window to make the six plus hour trip one way to Lander, WY.  Here in this small town in the middle of nowhere, we picked up my newest addition to the Ranch, Denali.  
Denali on the ride home.
Denali is an 8 week old Great Pyrenees. She made the six plus hour journey home cuddled in the backseat of hubby's car.  Denali was as quiet as a little mouse for the majority of the trip, minus a little whining when she first left her family.
Denali and her goats.
Now the fun begins!  Denali is a blank slate.  She was born on a sheep and goat farm.  Mom and dad are working livestock guard dogs.  She's had minimal contact with people.  Now she needs to bond with the goats, learn that they are hers to protect.  All I can do is stare out my window at this adorable little cotton ball outside.  Right now, I can't let her bond with me, which means VERY little contact with me and no contact with the family. She's penned up next to the goats, but they keep wiggling through the fencing to hang out with each other.  My does are being gentle with Denali, and Denali is learning to be gentle with the does.  Luckily, the goats have had contact with dogs, so they aren't too skittish around her. Denali is observing, learning, taking everything in.  Once she has bonded with the goats, I can start training her.  In order to raise a good protector, I need to follow a completely different training regimen than dog owners are used to.  Denali is an LGD, not a pet.  Her place on the Ranch is to work, to keep goats and chickens safe, and to fill the big paws Pearl left.      

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