Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Plug for Universal Pet Food

Boo eating puppy food.
I know that dogs and cats have different nutritional requirements, but it would make some much simpler if there was a universal pet food for both.  My dogs would scarf down a bowl of cat food at the first opportunity.  Cookie, my cocker spaniel, follows me into the bathroom to get cat food snacks from the bowls on top of the dryer.  
Marmalade licking the gravy out of a can of Pedigree dog food.
My cats seem to love dog food.  They sneak hard food out of dog bowls.  The new thing is to hang out and wait for me to finish feeding Sunny, my guard dog, so they can lick the gravy out of his soft food can.  Now if my dogs like my cats' food and my cats like my dogs' food wouldn't it be easier to feed everyone the same food?  Food for thought!

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