Thursday, March 3, 2016

And it's not even noon yet!

The new girls with a few icky boys for warmth.

I would like to preface this with; yes I am still sick, I can barely talk, and shortly after posting this I will be taking a nap.  At 6:15 AM I got a phone call from the post office alerting me to the fact that my chicks were in.  Pajama-clad, I scurried to the post office to retrieve my precious package.  Nothing better than a box of fluffy butts to brighten your morning!  Unfortunately, since I've been barely functioning for the better part of a week, I was not the least little bit ready for the newest additions to the Ranch.  The next hour was spent rearranging, cleaning, and preparing for the new girls.  

Once the chicks were settled in their brooder in the coop I began the usual morning chores.  All was well until my buck, Valentine popped off the horn that I had banded months ago in the heat of passion.  That of course, led to a bloodbath!  He had removed his horn in such a way that an icky blob of tissue remained on his head bleeding profusely everywhere.  I grabbed my first gear and set to work on him.  In no time, Valentine, the milk stand, and myself were covered in blood.  Every time I'd try to get the blood stop powder on the bleeder, Valentine would shake his head removing the powder.  After what seemed to be ages, I was able to slow the bleeding enough to where I could return him to a pen all by himself.  At last check, the bleeding has nearly stopped.  I cleaned the blood out off his eye and gave him some Nutridrench for extra vitamins.  Later today he'll get revaccinated.  

During this time one of my kiddos had been texting me, telling me she felt awful and wanted to come home from school.  Really!  I still hadn't even milked yet or cleaned up the bloody crime scene.  I quickly informed her of the situation at the Ranch and as soon as my work was done I headed out to pick her up.  Back home, I hope to relax for a bit, but that wasn't to be my fate.  Sure enough, my very sweet, escape artist guard dog broke his chain and was out running loose.  Off to chase Sunny down!  Luckily, he's been better about coming when he's called and headed straight to me.  Now he is hopefully still in the dog run with his friends.   After checking on Valentine and the chicks, I am finally sitting down with my coffee and some blood orange sorbet.  Yum!        

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