Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stupid Farm Injury #472: Muckers Elbow

I have had my fair share of stupid farm-related injuries since my introduction to chickens in 2008.  Most recently I sliced my nose open on my chicken coop roof.  If you've seen my chicken coop you'd know that was no small feat.  Normally, I suffer from the usual cuts and bruises or lower back issues.  I'm hypermobile and my pelvis doesn't like to stay where God intended it to.  Despite all of the injuries I've sustained while living the "simple life," the latest one takes the cake!

After months of cold and snow, we're finally seeing a break in the weather.  The warmer temps and massive melt is spurring me on to get some much-needed projects accomplished.  This winter has been harder than usual, I still have snow on the ground from December.  During a normal Colorado winter, our snow melts in between storms.  In a panic that our next dumping is right around the corner, I started my projects.  Last Saturday I mucked out the chicken coop and the thawed half of our dog run.  In doing so, I developed tennis elbow, which from now on will be called muckers elbow.  Somehow the tons of manure I scooped tweaked something in my elbow.  My right elbow on my dominant hand to be exact.  Now everything I do is extremely painful.  As long as I don't use my arm and keep it at a ninety-degree angle I'm fine.  I'm actually typing with my left hand as we speak.  

I've got one last painful project left, I need to chip ice away from my small goat house, so I can clean it out.  Unfortunately, it's a priority.  I have at least one doe due Saturday, and that is my birthing shelter.  Off I head to wreak more havoc on my already sore joint.  It's the price I pay for living my crazy farming dreams!

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