Saturday, February 27, 2016

Scratch Part of My Last Post

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Well......the doe I thought possibly wasn't preggers kidded today.  Hooray!!  I've been watching WebiGayle like a hawk for days.  She hasn't been in heat since early October, her rear has been pink and puffy, there's been discharge and tailing wagging but she really didn't have much of an udder.  Webi had me scratching my head!  

Today was a crazy day: rugby game, birthday party, winter formal.  I knew I was going to be busy AND not home.  Chores took forever this morning, it's Saturday, I was moving slowly.  As I milked I was watching Webi.  Sure enough, that darn goat had a bright red backside and an udder.  Webi was getting ready to kid.  Plans changed in a heartbeat as I made a run to Big R for pine shavings.  The baby shed needed mucking after a week of goats locked up in there.  After a quick clean up I put Webi in with Erudite and the twins.  This is Webi's fourth kidding, so I wasn't anticipating any issues.  I have been VERY blessed with does who can give birth completely on their own.  Sure enough, as I was heading from rugby to the birthday party, I got a text alerting me to the beautiful doeling Webi had.  Webi has always had single births.  Sweet little Delilah is healthy and absolutely beautiful!  I couldn't be happier with her coloring.  Delilah will live here on the ranch for a long time, I'm definitely keeping this girl!

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