Saturday, February 27, 2016

Scratch Part of My Last Post

Big Buck Ranch HeyThereDelilah

Well......the doe I thought possibly wasn't preggers kidded today.  Hooray!!  I've been watching WebiGayle like a hawk for days.  She hasn't been in heat since early October, her rear has been pink and puffy, there's been discharge and tailing wagging but she really didn't have much of an udder.  Webi had me scratching my head!  

Today was a crazy day: rugby game, birthday party, winter formal.  I knew I was going to be busy AND not home.  Chores took forever this morning, it's Saturday, I was moving slowly.  As I milked I was watching Webi.  Sure enough, that darn goat had a bright red backside and an udder.  Webi was getting ready to kid.  Plans changed in a heartbeat as I made a run to Big R for pine shavings.  The baby shed needed mucking after a week of goats locked up in there.  After a quick clean up I put Webi in with Erudite and the twins.  This is Webi's fourth kidding, so I wasn't anticipating any issues.  I have been VERY blessed with does who can give birth completely on their own.  Sure enough, as I was heading from rugby to the birthday party, I got a text alerting me to the beautiful doeling Webi had.  Webi has always had single births.  Sweet little Delilah is healthy and absolutely beautiful!  I couldn't be happier with her coloring.  Delilah will live here on the ranch for a long time, I'm definitely keeping this girl!


If I've said it once, I'll say it again, I like to be in control.  I like to have all of my ducks in a row.  I like it when my life follows the premeditated path in my mind.  I do not do well with change and deviations to my silly little path.  That being said, I am also a Christ-follower, yet I never actually give up all control to God.  I know I should, I'd really like to, but it's hard when you're a semi-narcissistic control freak.  Here I sit on this beautiful, sunny February morning pondering how once again, God knew better than I did.

We're often short on money, and when we are there is nothing easier than selling off a little livestock to make ends meet.  Late last year I got a wild hair to sell a couple of goats; Erudite my bred doe and Valentine my tiny buck.  I figured Erudite would sell fairly quickly, bucks take awhile because you only need so many.  In my mind, it would bring in some extra cash, and I could eventually add some new genetics to my herd.  Once again the good Lord had other plans.  EVERY person who expressed interest in Erudite backed out or stopped communicating with me.  Believe you, me I was getting frustrated (I don't handle that well either).  I pulled Erudite's ad and figured I'd sell her in milk after she kidded.  On Thursday, Erudite delivered a beautiful, healthy set of  twins.  She did awesome!  Not one tiny bit of help from me.  Needless to say, I'm keeping that girl!

Ever since little Clove and Nutmeg were born, I have been pondering God's hand in this situation.  Once again He had a bigger, better plan for me.  He knew better than I did, especially considering the other doe I think is bred may not be.  So here I sit this morning in awe of my Lord and Savior, reflecting on all of the verses sprinkled throughout the Bible telling me to put my trust in Him.  

Thank you, Jesus, for being in control.  I truly appreciate it!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

It's Kidding Season!!

Erudite with Clove and Nutmeg

After days of watching and waiting, Erudite finally kidded yesterday afternoon.  Yes, as usual, I missed it.  Honestly, I had stopped check out of frustration.  Every time I headed out Erudite would give me the look of death, and the shed would be empty.  Last night I struggled to get out in a timely manner for feeding time.  Sure enough, while I was dealing with other things in the house, Erudite kidded.  She truly is a champ!  Her doeling and buckling were almost dry when I discovered them.  Delivery went smoothly in every aspect.  I couldn't be more thrilled!!!

Monday, February 22, 2016


Two of my does, Webi and Erudite, are due to kid any day now.  My guess is with a full moon and impending snow, it'll be sometime tonight.  I spent yesterday aggravating my muckers elbow cleaning out my big goat shed.  I had gotten the small shed ready, but with cold and snow on the way, I'd rather put the girls up in a larger space.  They're not too thrilled being locked up away from the rest of the herd, but given the fact that my does like to kid when I'm not around this seems like the best bet.  Sorry ladies!!  Now it's just time to wait.   

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I don't always barf on the rugs...

Champ and Cookie

but when I do I make sure I do it at 1:30 am and on EVERY rug in the bedroom.  Thanks a lot, Cookie!!

Stupid Farm Injury #472: Muckers Elbow

I have had my fair share of stupid farm-related injuries since my introduction to chickens in 2008.  Most recently I sliced my nose open on my chicken coop roof.  If you've seen my chicken coop you'd know that was no small feat.  Normally, I suffer from the usual cuts and bruises or lower back issues.  I'm hypermobile and my pelvis doesn't like to stay where God intended it to.  Despite all of the injuries I've sustained while living the "simple life," the latest one takes the cake!

After months of cold and snow, we're finally seeing a break in the weather.  The warmer temps and massive melt is spurring me on to get some much-needed projects accomplished.  This winter has been harder than usual, I still have snow on the ground from December.  During a normal Colorado winter, our snow melts in between storms.  In a panic that our next dumping is right around the corner, I started my projects.  Last Saturday I mucked out the chicken coop and the thawed half of our dog run.  In doing so, I developed tennis elbow, which from now on will be called muckers elbow.  Somehow the tons of manure I scooped tweaked something in my elbow.  My right elbow on my dominant hand to be exact.  Now everything I do is extremely painful.  As long as I don't use my arm and keep it at a ninety-degree angle I'm fine.  I'm actually typing with my left hand as we speak.  

I've got one last painful project left, I need to chip ice away from my small goat house, so I can clean it out.  Unfortunately, it's a priority.  I have at least one doe due Saturday, and that is my birthing shelter.  Off I head to wreak more havoc on my already sore joint.  It's the price I pay for living my crazy farming dreams!