Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hope for the Hopeless

Little black and white roo out with the flock.
I have a little rooster who doesn't seem to see very well.  He's usually found hanging around the coop, not too far from his food and water.  He is a very sweet little guy and holds a special spot in my heart.  

Two nights ago I noticed he wasn't in his usual spot on the roost.  Figuring he was huddled somewhere else in the coop, I wasn't too worried.  I didn't see him bumbling around for breakfast yesterday morning, and he wasn't out with his friends when I checked for eggs.  I started to worry.  He still wasn't around at bedtime either.  Occasionally he does disappear out of the run, I'm not sure how. I've never seen him fly, but I have found him in odd places, like my dog run.  I started to look around the yard a bit, but it was getting dark and the battery in my headlamp was dying.  Today I decided I'd look again.  It was a long shot, little rooster had been gone for over a day, and our woods are full of predators.  I checked the old recliner that has become "yard art" behind the goat pen, nothing.  I started to check the scrap wood pile beyond the chair, low and behold hiding in a gap between two boards was my little rooster.  The sweet little guy had to have been hiding out since Monday when he went missing.  I still have no clue how he got out, there weren't any little chicken tracks in the snow.    

In the gloom of all of the challenges life is throwing at me right now, finding my little blind rooster alive and unharmed was truly a miracle.  This simple thing reminded me how truly blessed I am, and that God is watching over me.  If He can keep little rooster safe, He can definitely keep me safe too.  I am a product of my own free will and free thinking, but I can rein that in with a little help from the One who gives me hope.

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