Sunday, November 29, 2015


God gently called me out of bed at 6:34 am yesterday morning, beckoning me to come sit with Him.  After cleaning up a puppy accident and creating my quiet Bible Study space, I sat down to read one of my favorite morning devotions.  A few years ago I learned of Fullness in Christ Ministries.  Although I have never really taken the time to learn more about the organization their daily messages have been a source of hope and inspiration in my life.  Even during those times when I am not as close to God as I should be the words of inspiration from "What the Lord is Saying Today" have kept the connection alive.  This morning was no different.  I have spent the week in prayer and Bible Study, with the kids being on a break I have had time to linger over coffee and my Bible.  The words of Bev Robinson struck a chord in my heart and led me immediately to opening my Bible and grabbing my journal.  

The past few months have been challenging to say the least, and every time I think that things can't get any more difficult, they do.  My mind has stayed in a dark place, the running commentary not too pleasant, but I am changing that or should I say God is changing that.  That is where His word's through Bev came in.  The encouraging words in the still of the morning were of hope and joy, just the message I needed.  I spent time pouring over Psalm 34 and 37, pouring out my heart in my journal, leaving my quiet time with a sense of peace.  For the past few months, I have let fear, procrastination, stress, depression, excuses run my life.  No more!  I will live authentically!

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