Sunday, November 22, 2015

Reality Check

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I'm tired of this world.  Not in a suicidal way, in a tired of societal "norms" way.  I'm tired of materialism, of fake impressions, and unrealistic expectations.  I'm tired of having to think, act, and dress a certain way.  I truly want to shed those.

My life has taken a drastic turn from my teenage plans.  Back in the day I planned to attend college for retail merchandising, move to New York City after graduation, become a buyer for a major department store and live a life of glamor and high fashion.  Here I sit in the snowy Rocky Mountains, goats and chickens out my window, kids making breakfast, showering optional, yoga pants and a t-shirt my dress code.  I'm a long way from my New York City fashion dream.  I wouldn't change it for anything!

As I was out milking goats one morning my mind wandered to how happy I am with the simple, farm life.  Not to say farming is simple, but the peace I feel being out in nature, breathing clean mountain air is.  The goats seem to appreciate breakfast, I can tell that the chickens enjoy fresh bedding in their coop, and my livestock guard dogs love being out in the cold winter weather.  I love drinking fresh goat's milk and getting my eggs right from the source.  In the hustle and bustle of my days, the quiet of country living is a welcome release.

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