Sunday, October 11, 2015

Silly Goat

This is Kosi, a gigantic Nigi.  She is on loan to Big Buck Ranch at the moment for a little added milk production.  One of my star milkers, Webigayle, is being dried up and bred for spring babies.  Kosi, recently weaned her triplet boys and is now enjoying some peace and quiet on the Ranch.  

I love her udder!!  As a bigger goat, her teats are fantastic.  Yes, as a goat breeder I spend most of my time discussing teats and balls.  Ugh!!  Kosi's teats make milking a breeze, easy to grab, easy to milk when she's super full.  To make this girl even more special, she is a dream on the milk stand.  Ready at the gate come milking time, calm on the stand.  She helps make morning milk time a breeze!!

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