Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Big Buck Brothel?

Our current house guests, Rosie and Jade.
It's that time of year again; the air is getting cooler, the leaves are turning, and there is a heavy, musky odor in the air.  That's right, it's ruttin' season.  Not only are the local deer and elk bugling and carrying on, but my bucks are horny little buggers.  My buck pen, nicknamed San Quentin, is a flurry of hormones.  The boys try to entice the ladies with sexy tongue wags, the Flehmen, and everyone's favorite peeing on their faces.  

The Ranch has been the site of many breeding adventures, which started with my does Webi and Erudite.  I'm anxiously watching them for signs of heat now.  Does come into heat every 21 days, my girls are at that mark now so here's hoping.  Then a breeder friend of mine brought her doe, Gypsy, to the Ranch last weekend for a "playdate" with Red.  The latest houseguests are two adorable Mini Lamancha goats named Rosie and Jade.  Rosie has been courted by both Red and Valentine in an effort to find her the proper suitor.  At this point, I think one of them as gotten her.  Rosie's sister, Jade, is not quite in heat yet, but I'm watching her closely hoping that the pungent odor in the area and exposure to bucks will trigger her heat cycle.  

With all of this activity, I'm hoping there will be bunches of kids running around come March!

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