Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wrestling Goats

Dauntless, the unicorn goat.

My goats have horns, and I'm beginning to find that this can be an issue.  The breeder I bought most of my herd from didn't burn horns because she thought it was cruel.  I agree, but I may be heading in that direction in the future.  I don't mind the horns, I've gotten a few good whacks from a horn or two, but they make good back scratchers and give a little-added protection from my young guard dogs.  After losing two buck sales to the fact that my goats have horns, it's time to have them removed.  

Being a glutton for punishment, I decided to band everyone's horns today.  Goats do not like to feel trapped, and do not like to have their horns tugged.  Mix that together and it's a recipe for disaster.  Well not really, I successfully banded horns with only minor bumps and bruises.  My goats currently hate me.  A few of them let out such blood-curdling screams that I truly believe that my neighbors probably think we're having cabrito for dinner, um no.  Now I wait and wait and wait and hopefully within the next few months I will have dehorned goats.  Wish me luck!!

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