Thursday, July 16, 2015

Spending Time in the Kitchen

I am beginning to love to cook when I have the time.  Creating delicious dishes from simple ingredients is exhilarating.  I've never taken myself for a cook and have spent years believing all I could make was something that came out of a box.  Not so anymore!  I have fresh ingredients right out my front door with the chickens and goats.  

Some dear friends blessed my family with their CSA share when they went out of town.  I have to admit some of the veggies aren't ones I normally think to buy.  What in the world am I going to do with radishes, kohlrabi, and turnip greens?  With a little time and creativity, I've created some amazing meals.  The kohlrabi became fritters devoured by my family.  I discovered a wonderful recipe for ricotta and radishes.  I used fresh homemade goat's milk ricotta for this one.  Tonight we'll feast on pork chops with turnip greens.

My body feels amazing eating freshly prepared meals.  The abundance of summer produce is bringing out my creative side.  What new and exciting meals can I feed my family?  Good bye processed food in a box, hello fresh fare from the field!

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