Saturday, July 18, 2015


my new favorite food!  Who knew?  I've become addicted to this delicious root veggie.  It's crisp, slightly tangy and is full of health benefits.  Guess the family will be eating more of this!

At first when I found kohlrabi in the CSA share gifted to me, I had no clue what I'd do with it.  Then I found it, kohlrabi fritters.  I would like to try other recipes with this unexpectedly yummy vegetable, but for now the fritters are the champs.

The recipe is simple:

3 kohlrabi, peeled and grated
2 eggs
1/2 cup of flour
sliced green onions (use your discretion)
salt, pepper and garlic to taste

Take the grated kohlrabi, squeeze out excess moisture using some paper towel.  I tried a kitchen towel, after rinsing it, it still took three times through the washer to get the stink out.  Put the dry kohlrabi into a large bowl, mix in the green onions, seasonings, and eggs.  Once mixed slowly add in the flour and mix some more.  

Heat olive oil in a large skillet.  Add a 1/4 cup of kohlrabi mixture to the pan.  The cup left little kohlrabi balls, so I pressed out the fitters with a spatula.  I can usually get 4-5 fritters in the pan at a time.  Cook until each side it golden brown.  Enjoy!!!

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