Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Feeling Frazzled

I've been going 0 to 60 since last week and the hectic pace is quickly catching up to me.  "If I can just make it one more day," screams in my head.  Kid's schedules, managing the Ranch, part time work at a nonprofit, and the deterioration of the cleanliness of my house are taking its toll on my body AND my sanity.  Seriously, you do NOT want to come over right now, yuck!  Thankfully, my littlest ranch hand, with a servant's heart, is stepping up to help her poor mama.  She is there when I need her, only getting frustrated when she doesn't get the credit she is due.  God bless her, and her sisters for calming poor mama down when my head is spinning and my plates are crashing to the ground.  What I wouldn't do without the calming influence of my hubby and kiddos in the midst of chaos.

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