Friday, March 6, 2015

Star Belly Sneetches

Hi, will you please take a minute to share your experience?
Normally I write about the goings on at the ranch, but I had an interesting conversation yesterday that got me thinking.  I know, dangerous for me!  We now live in a society filled with technology; most of us are on Facebook and shop online.  After the purchase of a good or service, my email is flooded with requests to rate my purchase.  Everyone wants a 5 star rating.  We are becoming a society where "the more stars upon thars," the better.  I admit, I do it too!  If a business has more good reviews than bad, I'll go there instead of visiting the business and forming my own opinion.  We are becoming a society swayed by stars.  Though the opinions of others is great, maybe it's time to start thinking for ourselves again!

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