Saturday, February 28, 2015

Moving Day!

After a summer like start to February, we have been thrown back into the deep freeze.  At this point I don't remember the last day it didn't snow.  Being stuck in their pens, the goats and dogs are getting a little stir crazy.  My wether, Pipsqueak, who has spent the majority of his life with the does, is getting down right mean.  To combat the issue, I moved around goats and dogs.  Pearl and Sunny, my two LGD, will bide their time in my dog run, where they can rough house to their hearts content.  Pipsqueak, moved into "San Quentin" with the bucks.  If you've ever seen a group of bucks, you'll understand why San Quentin is a fitting name for a buck pen.  For the moment peace has returned to the ranch.  My four does have plenty of shelter space for when they feel territorial, Pipsqueak is learning manners from the bucks, and the dogs are able to play. 

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