Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fun Day at the Ranch

Today did not go the way I had expected, but it truly was a great day.  I slept in pushing chores back later than I would have liked.  My true mission for the day was then held up by a dead car battery.  While a battery charger tried to resuscitate the ailing battery, I ended up being able to catch up on a bit of goaty paperwork and got some long overdo  phone calls returned.  Once the car was running I proceeded with my errands.  My goat shed and chicken coop were nasty messes, and I was in desperate need of pine shavings and straw.  

On the way to our local Big R I discovered a treasure trove of pallets on the side of the road labeled with a "FREE" sign.  Needless to say, I pulled over, and started loading my treasure into the back of our Pathfinder. I scored 8 beautiful pallets.  These aren't any regular pallet, they have wooden planks nailed all the way across both sides with minimal gaps.  Perfect for building additional shelters for goats and the spring pig.  

Errands were wrought with frustration.   My battery died again at tbe last stop requiring a jump from the very kind Big R employee loading my straw and shavings.  This put my "to do" list further behind.  Once home, I did manage to clean out the chicken coop.  The goat shed will be mucked out tomorrow.   Now I'm relaxing in front of the fire.  Chores temporally done.  Time to quiet down and enjoy time with my family. 

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