Sunday, January 11, 2015

An Apology Letter to my Neighbors

Sunny guarding the herd.

Dear Neighbors,

I'm sure you have heard nightly barking coming from my yard.  Though it is not too annoying while snuggled into our warm winter homes, come summer it may rouse you from your slumber.  I am terribly sorry for the annoyance of these beautiful creatures, but they are just doing their jobs.  Please allow me to explain why my two livestock guard dogs (LGD) are necessary before you jump to conclusions.

In 2013 I began to raise Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Their compact size and delicious milk make them excellent dairy choices for the urban homesteading movement.  In 2014 I decided to take my little enterprise a bit further by breeding and offering stud services.  My little herd of three increased to seven with new goat additions.  

As you are all aware we live in the Colorado Rockies and back up to a national forest.  Our summers are plagued by black bears; while mountain lions, coyotes, and fox can be spotted year round.  All of these creatures can become nuisances very quickly, hence the dogs.  I own two LGD now; Pearl, a beautiful purebred Great Pyrenees and, Sunny, a spunky Great Bernese.  Each dog lives with the goats; one with the does and one with the bucks.  Pyrs, in particular, are bred to guard livestock.  They believe that the entire State of Colorado is theirs to protect.  Pyrs are also very independent dogs.  Please let me apologize here for Pearl's occasional wanderings, I'm so terribly sorry, she is friendly.

The dogs are here to guard my goats, chickens, and ducks from predators. Their presence will push local predators out while keeping all of our animals safe, my livestock and your dogs.  They bark to alert local predators of their presence.  The predators move elsewhere knowing they have competition.  I am trying to grow a small Nigerian Dwarf breeding operation, the dogs will be necessary if helping me do so. Please try to be tolerant of my dogs, they are only trying to protect us all.


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