Saturday, December 20, 2014

White Gold

Whoever originally said, "don't cry over spilled milk," had never milked a goat.  Though I love the little dears, their behavior on the milk stand can bring me to tears.  I have been milking WebiGayle off and on for a year now.  It's taken that long to build a relationship and learn all of her little nuances.  We have to follow a routine: first she runs into a shelter, then she lets me catch her, and we head to the milk stand.  Once on the milk stand I always have to be aware of her behavior.  Sometimes she gets bored with the time it takes to milk and starts to jump around.  Other times a noise my spook her.  I always keep a hand on the milk pail.  Goat milk is a precious commodity; sweet and delicious.  Yes, I will cry when it spills; it's taken time and hard work to produce.  

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