Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Battle Has Been Won

Playing momma goat.

For a week I have been doing battle with my doe, Erudite.  Last weekend she developed a VERY full udder, and it didn't look as though her doeling, Candor, had been nursing.  Erudite was attentive to little Candor, but was constantly keeping her from getting anything to eat.  I milked Erudite out and gave the wee one a bottle.  After a day of this little game, I discovered a cut on Erudite's udder probably from Candor's sharp little baby teeth.  I spent the past week milking Erudite twice a day and feeding Candor with a bottle.  Candor was definitely ready for the bottle when I'd head out, she was crying in hunger.  Erudite would give me at least 8 ounces at a time when I milked her.  She was paying attention to baby, but wouldn't let her nurse.  Finally, yesterday morning Candor was less whiny and Erudite was less full.  By last night Candor didn't even pay attention to me, and I only milked a trickle out of Erudite.  Baby's happy, momma's happy, and I am happy.  Thankfully, the three of us remedied this very frustrating situation.

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