Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Palisade Peach Time

Mmmm, it's that time of year in the great state of Colorado that Palisade peaches are ripe for the pickin'.  There is really nothing better than biting into a ripe peach, juice running down your chin and arms.  Yum!!!!

Today, I decided to puree some peaches that I had frozen, so I could make jam with them.  I was antsy and only thawed them long enough to easily get the skin off.   Taking the peach pits out, I put the frozen peaches into my food processor and let it go to work.  I ended up with a delicious thick, frozen treat!!  My kiddos and I were thrilled with the yummy, cold sorbet.  A perfect healthy snack on a hot afternoon!
Simple Sugar Free Peach Sorbet

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