Wednesday, May 7, 2014

God Has a Sense of Humor!!

Last week was chaotic and hectic, and this week is proving to be no different!  I currently have a nice 2 inch Harry Potter like cut on my forehead from a branch that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I swear that thing was like a spear sticking out of the darn tree.  The Ideal Poultry order from last week that was all messed up, is no better this week.  Some how after talking to 2 people about it, they lost my reorder.  I spoke to Debbie at Ideal today, and hopefully everything will be correct come Friday!  I'm having misadventures with children, dogs, and goats.  I was at point of giving the whole darn farming thing up and selling everything off, when low and behold I got this t-shirt in the mail.   I guess God thinks I should keep plugging along no matter how challenging things get.  Kinda funny!  A while backed I entered a t-shirt contest on some farm website.  Guess I won!

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