Friday, April 4, 2014

Simmer Down Now

When I become interested in something new, I go charging after it like a bull seeking the matador's red cape.  All of my time, thoughts and energy go pouring into my latest whim.  I have to accomplish everything right this very second, so it's done and I can relax.  Hours are spent reading, researching, planning, thinking; then I hit a wall and start to lose interest or accomplish part of my goal and the newness wears off.

As I sit here planning the future of Big Buck Ranch, I need to calm myself.  The whole project does not need to be completed by the weekend.  I can make my "to do" lists, it's fine to plan, but I need to slow down.  I cannot let this dream consume my life so that my family, health, and finances suffer.  Baby steps, must take baby steps!  I have a whole spring and summer to accomplish projects.  Though getting this little ranch off the ground is very important to me, I need to put the needs of my family before it.  Breathe, be at peace, relax, slow down, there is plenty of time.

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