Sunday, April 13, 2014

Oh the Weather Outside if Frightful...

I woke up to heavy, wet snow falling outside.  It looked as though God himself was shaking Parmesan cheese onto His pizza, large snowflakes falling straight and fast.  I've known this was coming, there's been talk all week of a foot plus of snow in the foothills.  Yesterday, I walked the streets of Denver in short sleeves enjoying the warmth and the cherry blossoms.  Today, I'm bundled up in my robe, hot coffee in hand wondering when I should get a fire going.  Preparations for the storm have been completed; water jugs filled, firewood brought in, extra diesel purchased for the tractor, Frank and Flash were blanketed despite the 50  degree temperatures last night at dusk.   Today, my family and I will hunker down, enjoy being home.  There are plenty of movies to be watched and craft projects to begin.  

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