Sunday, April 27, 2014

Oh Happy Day!

To most I would seem slightly insane, but yesterday was blissfully perfect.  Finally a warm, sunny day with nothing on the calendar but farm chores.  Honestly, a good day of manure removal is a pleasure.  I was able to get a few things knocked off the good ole"to do" list.  

After a hearty breakfast of eggs from our lone laying Ameraucana, I headed out to do chores.  The old fence around the raised bed garden was removed, and the beds moved to their new home.  The gate to the goat pen was covered in a piece of fence in hopes that the fox won't be able to get in.  Multiple piles of manure were removed from the horse pasture, although that project is far from complete.  My youngest and I created a vermicompost bin for the worms she's been collecting and the kitchen scraps I've been collecting.  I wrestled my two Nigi does to trim their hooves.  Now that chore is completed for a while.  Finally, I ended my day going on a hay run.

Today is a windy, gloomy day with chances of rain and dreaded snow.  It's the perfect time to recover from a day of hard labor and to return to the craft projects piling up in the dining room.  Ahhhhhhh, relax!

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