Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Horsey Spa Day

My horses get pedicures more often than I do!  Today my amazing farrier, Eryn, came out to trim up the boys' hooves.  I absolutely love Eryn, she is a wealth of equine knowledge.  She noticed that my 20 something gelding has a functional short limb on the right.  We have to trim that hoof differently and give him a rubber shoe this summer to make his legs even while riding.  Eryn discovered that poor Lil Bit, my Shetland pony, had foundered in the past couple weeks due to weather and feed changes.  She reassured me that there was nothing I could have done to stop it, he had foundered before.  I just need to switch up his feed, and he'll be back to normal in no time.  Frank, my elderly (late 20s) gelding, had fabulous hooves for his age.  I can't thank Eryn enough for her knowledge and ability to care for the boys.

Once pedicure time was over, my youngest daughter and I attempted to groom everyone.  Attempted, because the boys are shedding so badly, I could have spent hours on just the pony.  Whew, it looks like an animal was eaten in the pasture.  There is hair everywhere! Each horse was thoroughly groomed; including manes, tails, and faces.  Frank and Flash got their blankets put back on.  The weather is supposed to turn cold in the next few hours with the threat of snow; I need to make sure my two senior horses stay warm and keep their weight on.  Now everyone has healthy hooves and coats.  A good days horse work!  

Now I'm off to the feed store.  It's a ranch girls shopping mall!

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