Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy Pony

Not my pony, there was no way I was getting pics of his theatrics.

Bitty is so much happier now that he's gotten a hoof trim and there's a little snow out there now to cushion the trim job.  He has been a bit of a grump for awhile now, not wanting to move much because of his feet.  Since his trim Tuesday, Bitty is a completely different pony.  As I headed out to feed everyone the morning of our big snow, my crazy Shetland pony was literally leaping for joy!  He was trotting around the feed bowls; bucking, kicking, dancing.  I just had to stop and watch his antics, not realizing he could get such good air.  I wish I had had a camera with me to capture his excitement, but the whole event happened so quickly there was no way for to run back for one.  It's such a good feeling to know Lil Bit was well taken care of by such an amazing farrier.

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