Wednesday, April 16, 2014

From Triumph to Tragedy

After an eggstatic Monday morning when one of my new layers started laying, Monday night was wrought with poultry carnage.  Monday evening I got busy with dinner, cranky kids, exhausted stressed out hubby.  At around 10 pm I lay in bed, relaxing while reading a dog training book by Jon Katz.  Somehow while reading my mind began to wander.  Jon's farm ramblings often lead me to start thinking of my farm.  This is when I realized no one had shut the pop door on the chicken coop.  I threw on a coat and boots and high tailed it to the coop with our lab rottie mix, Chug, at my heals.  I quickly shut up the chickens, but discovered that the fox had beat me to the coop.   Nearly all of my new birds were gone.  I was sick!!  I was even more furious to discover that the wily little devil was sneaking under the goat gate, onto a goat house, onto the chicken coop roof, onto an old rabbit hutch next to the coop, and in.   Needless to say I am not a happy person.  Next purchase...shot gun!

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