Thursday, April 3, 2014

Building My Foundation

Baby Abner and Eli
They are now grown with babies of their own.

Last spring I added 3 beautiful Nigerian Dwarf goats to the ranch.  I was blessed to meet a wonderful woman, who is becoming my mentor.  Now it's time for me to "do" something with my small herd.  I have two gorgeous golden, blue eyed does.  I could have beautiful babies.  

WebiGayle and Sweet Candy are my foundation does.  To complete the foundation I'm adding a buck named, VooDoo.  He is the son of Eli, pictured above.  VooDoo is a feisty, black and white buck with lots of potential.  I needed a buck outside of Webi and Sweet Candy's lines.  A lot of the Nigis in the area come from the same breeders; you have to be very careful who you're breeding your goats to.  I'm also adding a black and white doe we've named Dauntless (I have a Divergent fan in the family).  She'll add some new genetics to the mix.  Now that my foundation is laid it's time to start building my new little enterprise.

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