Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bring on the Day!!

Miss Kay, Phil, Si, and Willie, and yes they are all girls.
I have a BIG Duck Dynasty fan in the family.

Most morning my brain feels schizophrenic over the sheer amount of work that needs to be accomplished now that winter is losing it's grip on the mountains.  The horse pasture is in desperate need of a clean up after collecting a winter's worth of manure.  The half of the goat pen I haven't gotten to needs to be finished.  I'm almost done with the buck pen, but I need a few wooden fence panels to complete that project.  Gardening, feeding, planting, building, my mind is a jumble of "to do's."  I find it incredibly difficult to focus on what is most important.

In addition to all of the muscle building, back breaking (literally) work I want to accomplish, I also have all of the farms critters well being on my "to do" list.  We've added 4 new ducklings to the family to replace the ones we've lost in recent massacres.  They have joined the 7 new chicks in the basement brooder.  Next week I'll pick up a few more little fluffy butts.  Golden Mill is getting in Russian Orloffs, and I need to replace the ones the fox ran off with.  

Yesterday I brought a buck rag home (it's a rug rubbed on a stinky buck) to bring does into heat.  Dauntless, who is still at my Goat Guru's house, should be covered in the next few days.  I'm waiting on the call to be able to bring Webi over for a "playdate."  Hopefully, by next week I'll have 2 bred does who will be expecting in the fall.  

The horses and goats need their vaccines.  I need to complete the goat pedicures and worm the group.  Pearl needs continued training.  She's getting better at that whole listening thing.  The list continues to grow and grow.  I need to finish here, so I can start outside.

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