Monday, March 31, 2014

The Goat Adventure Continues

Pipsqueak and Sweet Candy
It was nearly a year ago that we added goats to the homestead.  I started with a LaMancha buckling and doeling.  Shortly after I added a trio of Nigerian Dwarf goats.  So far I haven't done much with any of them, until today!  I am embarking on my new journey.   I spent the morning with my "Goat Guru" getting schooled on all things goat.  My "Goat Guru" is patient and a wealth of knowledge.  She takes the time to explain why she does things, not just the how.  

After learning the finer points of breeding does and bucks; she helped me pick out our new buck and doe to add color, conformation, and milk production to my small herd.  We're making sure all of my goats are registered and bred for milk production.  Of course I'm also looking to keeping the blue eyed gene in the herd.  By fall I should have this little experiment fully up and running.  My new doe will come here bred, and my 2 foundation does will be bred in the next few weeks.  I'm super excited for tiny goat babies!! There is nothing cuter.

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