Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Dream Dog

My dream dog is currently out with our small goat herd.  She is just precious!  Pearl is an 8 week old Great Pyrenees beauty.  Her training is just beginning, but she's already showing a lot of instinct.  The goats are slowly warming to having Pearl around, and Pearl has been the picture of young dog in training.  

My darling, angelic hubby and two of our kids made the 4 hour round trip trek to Peyton, Colorado to get her.  The trip was well worth it; not only did I get to bring home an amazing guard dog, but I was blessed with a new friend in her owner.  I may be calling with many LGD questions.  I've trained dogs before, but never a working dog.  The biggest challenge is leaving this little cutie outside when all I'd like to do is cuddle her.  

Mr. Fox, take notes, I've got a future 110 lbs. + guard out there now!  You've just enjoyed you last chicken dinner at my expense.

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