Thursday, March 27, 2014


The Rocky's are stuck in the wild, unpredictable days of early spring.  Warm 70 degree days tease us before a foot of heavy, wet snow brings us back to reality.  The "To Do" list grows as spring projects are discovered as winter slowly eases it's grip on the land.  Projects that will be put on hold until the ground thaws and the mud pits dry out.

My frustration grows over poultry eaten by predators due to my own stupidity.  I'll have a lack of fresh eggs for the first time in 5 years until my new pullets start laying.  The realization that unless I get a doe in milk, I won't have any until my girls are bred.  I tried to breed my older doe, Webbi, last fall, but she didn't take.   

New gardens need to be planned, manure that has appeared under melting snowed cleared, fences mended, the list goes on.   My weak back and busy schedule lately are preventing a lot of these projects to begin.  I can't wait to get back outside; to clean up the winter yuck, to get sweaty and dirty, and to see all of the crazy plans I have take shape. 

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