Friday, June 14, 2013

The Pollen is Upon Us

The hottest, driest days in mid-June seem to be when the dredded pine pollen decides to pop.  Temperatures "down the hill" sore into the upper 90s, and there is no relief in the mountains; we're in the 80s.  The heat forces the windows in the house to remain open in hopes that a cooling breeze will waft through.  The cooling breeze brings pine pollen on its heels.  

My home is currently covered in a thin yellow dust.  Try as I may to combat my stealthy adversary, it advances in droves.  My car is currently yellow, my floors gritty, and every available flat surface has fallen prey to the pollen.  Six times yesterday did I clean the stove only to return moments later to find it covered once again.  I toy with the idea of waiting to dust, knowing full well that my hard work will futile if I do.  Yet, I know if I don't try to combat my yellow enemy allergies will increase in my home.  

Now, I sit praying for much needed rains to come.  Rains that will wash our numerous pines of their pollen and bring cleanliness to my home once more.

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