Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Night at the Ranch

Hubby is asleep in front of The Voice.  I do agree with this, I do find the show that boring.  Zzzzzzzzz!  Nathan has decided to chase the fox that thinks we're his family.  Chloe is wearing an orange wig, and has placed a pillow in her rear so she can be Nicki Minaj.  Ella is riding her bike wearing PJ pants and a rabbit skin coat.  Sammy is donning a cowboy hat and riding her bucking bike.   I am writing about the mountain crazy I am currently witnessing.  

Off to tick off a goat.  Baby is having a sleepover, so I can milk mama in the morning. Good night folks!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dances with Goats

It has been nearly two weeks since WebiGayle and Sweet Candy, two Nigerian Dwarf goats, came to Big Buck Ranch.  Webby has definitely gotten more comfortable with me, but we still have our battles.  After a week in her little pen with her daughter, Sweet Candy, Webby figured out how to escape.  She'd hop onto the roof of her house, then onto the roof of the neighboring chicken coop, hop to the roof of the badly neglected rabbit hutch, and into the chicken run.  Poor Webby then gets stuck on the outside looking at the crying baby doeling in the goat pen.  After a day and half of high flying escapes, I added a cattle panel to the top of Webby's roof.  That stopped her temporarily until she discovered that she could get on the roof and hop over the gate.  Try as I might to keep her in, she figured out how escape even through the tiniest gap.

Friday, I spent my morning rebuilding my goat pen.  The fence line was extended to the edge of my shed/coop/ horse stall/all purpose building.  The gate was moved, climbing toys rearranged, and my two La Mancha kids moved over.  Pipsqueak, our 3 week old Nigerian Dwarf buckling, went to to join his buddies, too.  Webby has tried to get on the roof to figure out how to escape only to learn she can only hop back in.  Score one for me!

Now we need to work on milking time.  The new step up has slightly stressed Webby out.  There are new goats in her pen she needs to learn to live with.  Poor little Sweet Candy gets upset when mama goes off for the milk.  I'm learning how to milk, so I'm painfully slow.  Webby seems to get bored with me after a bit and kicks.  As soon as we're done she's trying to make a mad dash back to baby.  I am getting the hang of things.  This has definitely been a test of patience, something I pray about often.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Loved my family, loved my critters, built a greenhouse, planted veggies, has a yummy breakfast, built a milk stand, battled a milk goat (I won), covered in milk, time to shower!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tanner is 1 Week Old

Never a Dull Moment

At this very moment Big Band music is blaring in the background.  The boys just finished a wrestling match in the living room.  One child has decided we have overworked her today, and stomped upstairs because she was asked to empty the baby bottle out of the dish drainer.  The dishwasher isn't working, so my other dishwashers are doing whatever they can to avoid that task.  The small dogs are outside, the big dogs are in shock, and the not so cranky girls are chasing a tiny, baby goat around the kitchen.  What are you doing tonight?