Sunday, April 14, 2013

We have survived week one with our two sweet bottle lambs.  Cosette, or Cozy as we like to call her, turns three weeks old today.  She is slowly warming to "baba time," and will only take about 3 ounces of sheep milk replacer at a time.  Cozy does have a love of alfalfa; I watched her chow down on that yesterday.  Chloe has become her baba buddy; Cozy does best when Chloe gives her a bottle.  Luckily our tiny little lamby is gaining weight and growing!

Juliet, will be 5 weeks old tomorrow.  She is definitely better at her bottle than her tiny counter part.  Jules will easily take 6 ounces at a time, and does a happy lamb dance while she eats.  She is even starting to baa loudly when we come out; Jules knows where dinner comes from.  She is the more assertive lamb; Cosette just follows in her big sisters foot steps.  

Baba time has become easier throughout the week.  There is still a bit of lamb wrestling to get the girls to eat, but they actually follow us around to get their bottles.  Juliet, baas when I come outside and call to her.  I wonder if she thinks she can coerce me into an extra snack.  We have quite a few more weeks of bottle time.  Both girls will be weaned when they turn eight weeks old.  All of my little girls are enjoying watching the lambs grow and getting cuddle time.  Soon we'll try to complete the flock, so we can have lambs next spring.  The goal is to raise the sheep or their beautiful wool and for our freezer.

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