Sunday, April 28, 2013

Got Goats?

After the few days prior day from H-E-L-L, yesterday we had a fun day.  I'm on a quest for a goat in milk.  Yes, I am slightly crazy.  Yes, I am a glutton for punishment.  I've been researching, reading, chatting with goat owners, and I think the Nigerian Dwarf may be the right breed for us.  They stand under two feet tall and weight under forty pounds.  Adorable, petite, and they don't take up a lot of space.  PLUS, they're babies are cute as heck!!!

Nigis produce milk high in butterfat which is very good for cheese and soap making.  Yes, you can drink it too!  At the moment my favorite part about them is due to their small stature they don't produce enormous amounts of milk.  Right now I would only have one milker, but I don't want a gallon a day.  Yes, I could make stuff out of it, but I'd have milk coming out of my ears.  So, it looks like a cute lil Nigi will work best.

Sooooo, yesterday we took a short trek to meet some very sweet Nigerian Dwarf goats.  The girls spent the day in farm heaven while I talked goat.  I'm interested in a a Nigi who recently kidded.  Her name is Webigale, anyone remember Ducktales?  It's been years since I've thought about that show.  Anyway!!  Webby won't come to live with us until her baby is bigger; which at the moment is fine with me.  I'd rather have a bottle baby or two weaned before I take on a new time consuming endeavor.  In the meantime I can go visit the goat babies and the freezer overflowing with rich goats milk.   

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