Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Goat Milk Before Coffee

At barely 6am, I'm not thinking about my first cup of coffee, well I sort of am; I'm thinking about the 4 day old baby goat in the basement bleating for his baba.  As the coffee trickles into the pot, I'm heating up 6 ounces of livestock milk replacer.  With a quick swig of coffee in me, I'm off to cuddle Tanner, and give him his baba.  I snuggle the tiny Lamanche cross in my lap as he sucks down five ounces of milk.  Tanner is much calmer than our lambs and much quieter.  His little bleats are silent compared to our boisterous lambs  His little body cuddles up against my chest as he nurses without stopping.

Tanner's buddy, Luna, been moved outside to the big girl pen with the lambs.  Her constant escape of the pen I Frankensteined out of wire dog crates had become an issue.  I didn't want Luna to injure a leg hopping out or getting into mischief in the basement.  I feel bad that she's been banished to the out of doors, but she'll be much safer.  Tanner has a gaggle of adoring fans who spend the majority of their day cuddling and fawning over him.  Once he's a bit bigger he'll join the girls outside.  In the meantime, our sweet little buckling will have to endure constant attention from his fans.

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