Friday, March 29, 2013

The Journey West

We came to the mountains roughly seven and a half years ago.  The dream started a few years earlier when my husband and I drove through with my grandparents' car on a mission to bring the car to their new home.  We instantly fell in love with the peace, the beauty, the pines, and the jagged rocks.  This led to a quest to bring our then very young family to this paradise.

The mountains have changed all of our lives, but they have also changed who I am.  I was a spoiled suburban stay at home mom.  My life was filled with play dates, kids' activities, and  keeping up appearances.  Now, I spend my days homeschooling, something I would have never dreamed of doing in suburbia, and caring for our growing farm.  I have gone from a woman who loved the convenience of grocery stores to growing and raising my own food, from prepackaged to made from scratch.  We've raised chickens, ducks, turkeys, quail, Guinea fowl, goats, llamas, a pig, and a pony.  The kids have watched chicks hatch in an incubator, hens lay eggs, and a Thanksgiving turkey butchered.  

I'm happier here than I ever would have been back in the 'burbs.  I no longer like traffic or busy malls, prefering the quiet of the woods around our home and the space.  I now long for peace, spectacular sunrises over mountain peaks, cold fronts slipping lazily through the valley, and the golden glow of a summer sunset.

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